15 juillet 2016

Allergie à la pénicilline

Up to 90% of patients who say they're allergic to penicillin really aren't. They confuse with side effects. But even many patients who are allergic can take a cephalosporin. Only 2% with a positive skin test react to a cephalo and this drops to 0.1% if the initial reaction was mild.
Nonsevere allergy. Feel comfortable recommending a cephalo if the reaction was just a minor, non-itchy rash especially if it occured over 10 years ago.
Suggest cefuroxime for otitis or sinusitis.
Recommend cephalexin for strep.
Avoid cefprozil or cefadroxil, because these have the same side chain.

Tiré de Pharmacist's Letter octobre 2013

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